About Us

"Agarwal Industries"
is the leading manufacturer of C.S. & M.S Pipe Filttings & Flanges in India. Our modern factory is the leading with up-to-data plant & machinery and inspection equipments. In addition, rigid inspection takes place throughout all stages of manufacturing to ensure high standard of accuracy. Our partners are large scale stockists & distributors all over india.

We are striving to be efficient and reliable partners to our customers. It is our aim to continuously improve our production technique in order to offer our customers an excellent quality at reasonable price.



AGARWAL Industries enjoy a great reputation for its quality and durability all over India and abroad. It can be found on piping systems throughout India and this popularity is due to the company's reputation for consistenly producing high quality products combined with a nation wide destribution system.

Products are manufactured keeping in mind the face that they are often used in underground and concealed pipong installations where faults cannot be easily detected and rectified.

Greater attention is therefore paid to ensure that no breakage or leakage occurs anywhere in service. Each fitting is subjected to a multi stage inspection which ensures accuracy and durability of the fittings in all types of industrial, agricultural, domestic and other piping installations. Our registered trade mark "AGL" appears on all our fittings.



AGL is an Agarwal Industries brand serving customers unwilling to compromise on quality. Our mission is to provide products aligning perfectly with the given standards and our values so that anyone in need of pipe fittings can focus on what is next for them without worry.

Quality- We cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring the quality of our products.

Punctuality- Time is of the essence at Agarwal Industries and we take our commitments on time very seriously.

Family- Being a family business we understand the importance of relationships and consider all stakeholders (employees, customers, and investors) to our firm as family.

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